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If you are looking for a break from real life, you have come to the right place! Join our Minecraft server community as we fight the stresses of reality, despite it only being a distraction. Inevitably get behind all your work and ignore all your responsibilities, like a real adult!




This modpack is a sequel from 'The DuckyNightmare Modpack' after the world had fallen into a place of disarray, due to the large magnitude of discoveries found throughout the world. As a result of the copious amounts of new artefacts, commodities, and devices; feud and tension, between the people of the planet, developed. Not so long after, wars broke out, leaving citizens defending for themselves. Some built up villages throughout the world, to remain in a haven, where other fled to new worlds and dimensions. Some even joined in on the battles to guard what they had preserved for all those years.

Now it is your turn to make your place in the world, be the heroic king that rules a kingdom or be the villain that plans to bomb the planet from an underground lair. You could use the world resources to benefit the process to peace or continue the disorder. It is now up to you, adventurer!


The DuckyNightmare Modpack

The one before 'Nightmare Fuel'


The DuckyNightmare Modpack

A Modpack For Computer Wizards and Real Wizards!

This Minecraft modpack offers up to 100 mods, that vary from your traditional modpack style. From the Aether mod to Thaumcraft for the magical players and Tinkers Construct to Buildcraft to the virtual engineers. A full list of mods and instructions on how to play is provided in the button below. Go on! Press it!


Your Nightmare

Elegant Solutions


Check out our live Nightmare!

Well... our live map of the vanilla server...

This is a map in which you can watch players and the world evolve live! You can see highlighted areas with icons and see the world, nether or the end in either 2-Dimensions or 3-Dimensions! Welcome to the future!

Constraints to your gameplay...


1. No clients/hacks/x-ray/glitch exploits.
2. No second accounts, however, ask for permission if you want to record.
3. No PvP unless justified.
4. No stealing or griefing other players!
5. Harmless pranks are allowed.
6. No lagging the server.
7. Honour system must be adapted!


Our Latest Projects

Potential server refinements and directions!

DuckyNightmare Modpack


How to use Dynmap!

Learn how to make your own markers for the map!

How to use shops!

Learn how to use and make your own shop!


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