How To Install

Installation Instructions

1. Download the Technic Launcher from

2. Sign in with your Mojang account.

3. Find 'The DuckyNightmare Modpack' in the 'Modpacks' tab by searching the name in the search bar.

4. Click 'Install' and run the pack.

5. Enjoy. 

Modpack public server:

If you run out of RAM:

If you run into this issue, you only have 4GB RAM on your computer, therefore, I'm sorry, you need an upgrade. If this is a problem and your computer exceeds 4GB, then I have a solution.

1. Close Technic Launcher

2. Download the offline version of 64-Bit java (windows). If you are a mac user, then download the only java file.

3. Run the software.

4. Run Technic Launcher again.

5. Click 'Launcher Options' in the top right.

6. Go to the 'Java Settings' tab.

7. Select 64-Bit java in the 'Minecraft Java Version' and allocate more Memory.

8. Enjoy.


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